Low Carb Explained

Our guide to starting your low carb journey

First and foremost, it is important to acknowledge why you want to follow a Low Carb Healthy Fat lifestyle. Is it because:

  • Conventional diet wisdom has failed you in the past and you persisted with a diet only to pick up more weight?

  • You are diabetic or pre-diabetic, or struggling with persistent inflammation and pain in your body from an auto-immune disease and want to make a lifestyle change that will turn your health around?

  • You are constantly hungry and always craving high carb top-ups to sustain you in the day?

  • You are tired of riding the diet roller-coaster, losing and then picking up all the weight you lost?

  • You simply want to embrace whole food and live healthier?

Whatever your reason for starting this low carb journey

You can have better health!
You can look and feel better about yourself.
You can improve your energy levels and stabilise your mood.
You can lose excess weight that you have struggled to shed in the past.
And best of all, with none of those deprivation blues of old conventional diets.

Banting (Low Carb Healthy Fat) is not a short term quick fix. It is a lifestyle choice. You will alter the way you approach food and eating and for a brief period you might feel deprived, because old habits of a lifetime are being challenged. We’ve been taught since we were young that fat makes you fat and you need sugar to function from day to day. Now you’ll embrace healthy fats and you’ll say no to all things sugary and high carb. But, very soon, this new way of eating will become second-nature to you and all the old cravings will become a distant memory.

On our Getting Started page, you will find information that will form the basis of your understanding of the theory behind Low Carb. We provide you with tools to help you embrace the change initiative towards better health and Banting / Low Carb / Keto. We also provide you with tried and tested low carb recipes that will soon become your favourites as it has ours. Eunice and Gina are both Real Meal Revolution Certified Banting and Motivational Coaches and are here to support and encourage you on your way to achieving your goals.

Low Carb Is A Way Of Life

Find out how you can embrace the lifestyle

Banting is a low carbohydrate, healthy fat (LCHF) lifestyle. It is named after William Banting, the first person to live a LCHF lifestyle in the 1700’s.
Banting became popular through Professor Tim Noakes of the Noakes Foundation and Jonno Proudfoot’s book ‘The Real Meal Revolution’. It is a way of eating that makes your body switch from burning carbs for energy to burning fat. There are also many very prominent people throughout the world that are promoting the LCHF lifestyle as the best way forward for a healthy life e.g. Dr Zoe Harcombe in the UK; Dr Caryn Zinn in New Zealand; and Nina Teicholtz from the USA.

There are a few things to take into consideration when following a LCHF lifestyle.

  • Eat enough animal fat. This is the main aim when Banting. Animal fat does not make you fat and you need to eat it and not fear it. Small amounts at a time will make you feel full and stop you from overeating. Eat real butter, lard, ghee, olive oil, macadamia oil and avocado oil. Avocados and oily fish like salmon and mackerel are also good sources of healthy fats.

  • Eat enough vegetables as this should be your bulk food and you should have vegetables with every meal. It is best to eat green vegetables as they are the lowest in carbs, but make sure that you have variety in your diet.

  • If you are doing Banting for weight loss, don’t snack for the first couple of weeks. If you do need to snack make sure it is a healthy snack such as a spoonful of almond butter, a few nuts or Banting seed crackers.

  • Never overeat or under eat. People that start Banting can get nervous when they think that they are not going to be able to snack and tend to go overboard when eating. Don’t worry too much. As long as there is enough fat in your diet, you will soon be eating correctly without any effort and this will carry you through to the next meal. Always stop eating when you are full.

  • Don’t eat too much protein. Banting is not a high protein lifestyle. No more than 80 or 90g of protein should be eaten with any meal. Off course if you do go out for dinner don’t choose the biggest steak that you can find on the menu. Your main aim is to cut carbs and to increase your fat.

  • Be alert and look at nutritional information on labels. Many ‘healthy’ products and meals are full of carbs. Five grams of carbs should be the cut-off. If the carb content is higher, just don’t buy it. Do avoid anything that says low-fat. The chances are that the product will be loaded with carbs to compensate for the loss of flavour.

  • Avoid too many fruits and nuts. Fruit is full of fructose (a natural sugar substance that makes it sweet). Fructose is perceived to be a good sugar, however there is no such thing as a good sugar. Sugar is sugar regardless of what it is called. If you want to eat fruit, it is best to eat berry fruits although you cannot eat a punnet by yourself. If you eat nuts it is best to eat Macadamia nuts, Pecan nuts or Almonds and no more than 30g a day.

  • Control your dairy. Dairy is good for you, however, it does contain carbs and can be a stumbling block for some people when they are trying to lose weight. When you start on a LCHF lifestyle try to avoid eating too much dairy for a couple of weeks. Limit your cheese intake as much as possible and use double cream yoghurt instead of low fat choices. If you do drink tea or coffee have cream in your drink, instead of milk.

  • Always be truthful to yourself. Eating legumes, baked beans, peanuts or even quinoa can be perceived to be proteins and can undermine your Banting attempts.

  • Watch what you drink. We are promoting a healthy lifestyle and alcohol is highly toxic and has carbs in it. Some alcoholic drinks are much higher in carbs than you realise. Therefore pay caution if you are drinking.

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    “There are no meal times. No portion sizes. No kilojoule restrictions. Let your body tell you how much to eat. The only thing you count is the grams of sugar or carbohydrates. I look in the fridge and I choose the food.

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    “Making a big life change can be scary. But you know what is even scarier? REGRET.”


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