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Welcome to our Recipe Section!

We love good wholesome food, unprocessed and without any additives.  When you quit sugar and wheat, whole food start tasting so much better.  It’s like an explosion of flavours in your mouth and every bite becomes a simple pleasure.  We will regularly post our favourite LCHF recipes her and invite you to check back soon for more tasty treats.

Cauliflower RiceBy Eunice DockrellUse cauliflower rice in recipes that call for rice such as stir fries or fried rice.  Use cauliflower rice with stews, curries or as a side dish.  Cauliflower rice is an essential for low carb living
Courgette RouladeBy BantingGirlsGreat party or picnic food. Easy to make and can be eaten cold. Can also be packed into a school lunch, cut the slices much thicker about 5 to 10 cm
Spicy Tomato SauceBy BantingGirlsA spicy tomato sauce ideal for meatballs or over grilled chicken or fish.
Parmesan CrispsBy BantingGirlsA great low carb snack alternative for both kids and adults.
Chicken Bone BrothBy BantingGirls

Bone broth is an excellent source of amino acids and great to ward off infection and an excellent LCHF snack.


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