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Dinner is the best part of our day – That’s when family come together over good honest food!

All macros worked out on raw weights NOT cooked weights

  • DAY 1

    100 to 120g crispy pork rashers with 1 cup (70g) sautéed cabbage, ½ cup (44g) sautéed Brussel sprouts
    ½ cup (58g) pumpkin with a mustard cream sauce
    1 tbsp. (14g) cream, 1 tbsp. (14g) butter mixed with 1 tsp (5) Dijon mustard

    Carbs – 8.5g | Fat – 34.6g | Protein – 25.3g

  • DAY 2

    120g to 150g steak cooked in 1 tbsp. butter, ½ cup broccoli, 1 cup green beans with lemon and butter

    Carbs – 12.3g | Fat – 41.5g | Protein – 36.7g

  • DAY 3

    Chicken stir-fry with 100 to 150g chicken and any vegetables like red pepper, onion, broccoli, beans, chilli, garlic, ginger, lemon, herbs and coconut oil

    Carbs – 15.6g | Fat –49.0g | Protein – 42.8g

  • DAY 4

    120 to 150g grilled or steamed salmon with ½ cup cauliflower mash
    1 cup courgettes with lemon butter
    1 tbsp. lemon juice/1 tbsp. butter

    Carbs – 6.5g | Fat – 28.5g | Protein – 36.3g

  • DAY 5

    80 to 100g sautéed chicken breast without skin
    with 1 cup cauliflower with creamy cheese sauce
    heat 50ml cream add 20g grated cheddar cheese
    1 cup green beans with garlic, lemon and butter

    Carbs – 10.7g | Fat – 35.9g | Protein – 47.6g

  • DAY 6

    100 to 120g grilled white fish with ½ cup sautéed Brussels sprouts, ½ cup sautéed mushrooms and ½ cup sautéed asparagus with capers and lemon juice

    Carbs – 5.4g | Fat – 30.4g | Protein – 27.5g

  • DAY 7

    Beef stroganoff with buttered cabbage

    Carbs – 3.8g | Fat – 58.8g | Protein – 28.6g

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