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The BantingGirls publications that are available for free download on are meant as nutritional guidelines for those following a Low Carb Healthy Fat Lifestyle and are intended for personal use only.  You are welcome to download, share with a friend or print a copy and record your journey to a healthy lifestyle. Please do not reproduce any part of our publications as your own property and if added to your website or shared on social media, kindly provide a link back to  We work hard to provide you with publications that will add benefit to your low carb journey and appreciate your cooperation in keeping to our terms of use.

Requests to reproduce any part of our publications should be addressed to


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As Certified Low Carb Real Meal Revolution Coaches we are here to assist women of all ages, including families, to follow a Low Carb Healthy Fat Lifestyle.  Make positive changes for yourself and your family.  Let us support you on your journey.
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