Ice Cream


This is a great ice cream recipe that's easy to make. Can be whipped up in a few minutes and enjoyed within an hour. The vodka in the recipe is just to break up the iciness but is not necessary to add if you do not use any alcohol

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A quick and easy mayonnaise to make at home which is delicious.  You can add as much garlic as you like or leave it out as well.  Its great to add some wasabi as well.


Pork Egg Basket


Delicious breakfast pork baskets, easy to prepare and filling.  Enjoy with half an avocado.   If you do not eat pork, substitute the pork mince for any other kind of mince.  Macros are worked out with pork mince used

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Cauliflower Mash


Cauliflower mash can be used for cottage pie topping by adding some grated cheese to it.  You can add garlic or parmesan cheese to your cauliflower mash as well.

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Cauliflower Rice


Use cauliflower rice in recipes that call for rice such as stir fries or fried rice.  Use cauliflower rice with stews, curries or as a side dish.  Cauliflower rice is an essential for low carb living

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Courgette Roulade


Great party or picnic food. Easy to make and can be eaten cold. Can also be packed into a school lunch, cut the slices much thicker about 5 to 10 cm

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