Courgette Roulade


Courgette Roulade This is a great recipe to use if you want a quick lunch or some party food 2 medium sized courgettes (grate your courgettes and take out all the fluid by squeezing in a clean tea towel)3 large eggs2 spring onions chopped0.5 carrot medium sized grated0.5 tsp [...]

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Low Carb Pancakes


Low Carb Pancakes Friday mornings are the best! Our weekends start on Fridays and this is the time when I get to relax after a week of school runs, lessons and work. As early risers we often watch the sunrise from our balcony and sometimes it's still too dark [...]

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Courgette Egg Muffins


Courgette Egg Muffins Weekends I normally do some meal preparation for the week ahead and one of the things I like doing is making these courgette egg muffins. We are only two in the household so I have breakfasts for at least 3 days. Add some bacon, avocado or [...]

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