A Mother Daughters trio following a LCHF lifestyle, motivating others to embrace the change initiative to eat whole foods that provide healing to our bodies.

Welcome to BantingGirls! And better health!

BantingGirls combines the principles of Banting (Low Carb Healthy Fat)/Keto with day to day life to give you that bounce in your step while Banting your way to success! We offer regular tips, info and low carb recipes to make your journey easier. Affordable – Easy – For Life!

BantingGirls | Excel with a Low Carb Lifestyle | Eunice, Gina and Evelyn

The start of our Banting Journey

Our Banting journey started in June 2015 when we both hit an all-time low in our lives, Eunice being diagnosed as pre-diabetic and Gina was diagnosed with both Fibromyalgia and CIDP, two auto-immune diseases that was debilitating and affecting her day-to-day existence and what she could do for her family. We both felt that we wanted to make changes to our lifestyles and improve our health and well-being.

We made the shift to eating healthy whole foods that are low in carbs and avoided all sugar and processed food. The results were astounding! Eunice lost 10.5 kg in 8 months and Gina lost 18 kg in 9 months. And although neither of us started LCHF purely for weight loss, it was a welcome bonus. What mattered most was how healthy we felt. Since starting our LCHF journey more than a year and a half ago Eunice is no longer pre-diabetic and Gina is nearly symptom free and doesn’t have the need to take medication for her auto-immune diseases.

Establishing BantingGirls

BantingGirls was borne out of our experiences and as a mother and daughter duo following a low carb healthy fat lifestyle. We believe that Banting (LCHF/ Keto) is a lifestyle choice and not a diet for short term weight loss only. It’s a journey of exploring whole foods and feeling your body live up to its full potential. It is a choice for better health not just for the now, but for the future. And that is exactly what inspired us to establish BantingGirls. We want to motivate and inspire others to experience true health, vitality and the peace that comes from a body that is in harmony with itself. We are here to pass on our knowledge, support you on your own LCHF journey and share your tribulations and victories as you move to eating low carb healthy fats.


Since establishing BantingGirls, we have grown!  Daughter and sister Evelyn has joined us in our journey to better health and wellness.

Meet the BantingGirls Team

EuniceUnited Kingdom

My low carb journey began in June 2015 when I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic.  I knew that I did not want to go on diabetes medication and as I was also overweight due to menopause I saw this as an ideal opportunity to go Low Carb as prescribed by my surgery.  I was absolutely ready for a change and as food technology has always been my hobby I could now do something that I loved all the time, so submerged myself into research on the topic.

The changes I made to my lifestyle have definitely improved my health and well-being. I now only eat healthy whole foods, avoid sugar and all processed and low fat foods.  2 ½ years on and I still feel as enthusiastic about my lifestyle as I did when I started.  I have studied, read countless reports from reputable functional medicine doctors, it is so enlightening and my journey into low carb/keto is continuing day by day.

GinaDubai, UAE

J.K. Rowling once said:  Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.

And this is exactly what happened before I started my low carb / keto journey in July 2015.  I hit an all-time low in my life, weighing the most I ever did, having constant pain and inflammation and never having energy. I couldn’t take care of myself, my family or my home anymore.   Eventually I was diagnosed with 2 auto-immune diseases (Fibromyalgia and CIDP), which were debilitating, and I went into depression, which made matters even worse.  It was at that point that my Mom encouraged me to join her in following a low carb lifestyle and together we learned as much as we could about eating low carb/ keto.

I choose every day to change the changeable, accept the unchangeable and remove myself from the unacceptable.  I apply it to the food I eat too. Once I removed the unacceptable from my diet I not only regained my energy and health, but most importantly, my life!

EvelynDoha, Qatar

My health and wellness journey really began in my childhood when my Mum started teaching us about good nutrition from a young age.  I carried that with me in life and overall have been blessed with good health and wellbeing. I focused on fitness for quite some time and became a qualified Pilates Instructress, climbed a mountain and ran a marathon.  Years later, being able to learn from my Mum is still the greatest blessing I have.

My low carb journey is relatively new and every day I challenge myself to make the right food choices for both me and my husband.  It is a daily discovery of how simple food can nourish us.  There are many ups and downs in my journey and it’s a discovery to learn and put into practice that knowledge.  I have never believed in diets, but instead what I focus on is to make positive changes to our food habits that will nourish and heal our bodies.  That is the lifestyle we are striving for and to thrive in it.

I hope that your own journey will be filled with fun in the kitchen and a renewed love of food.

“It’s not about perfect, it’s about effort and when you bring that effort every single day, that’s where transformation happens.  That’s how change occurs.”

Jillian Michaels

“The secret to change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”


“Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things.”

Joseph Pilates